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What can you find in the "Google Ads for Services" guide?

What is
Google Ads?

Google Ads is an advertising system created in 2000 that makes it possible to publish text, image, product and video ads online.

In Google Ads, various types of ads can be displayed in Google search results on more than 2 million partner sites.

The basic objectives that you can achieve with Google Ads that we encounter every day are:

  • increasing the amount of orders for services
  • increasing the amount of requests for services
  • downloading materials
  • building brand awareness
  • and more!

What marketing objectives can you achieve with Google Ads?

What are
the possibilities of targeting
in Google Ads?

There are several targeting possibilities, including those based on:

  • keywords
  • recipients – their interests, habits, or intentions
  • demographics
  • landing pages’ subject matter
  • destinations – addresses of specific websites, applications, or channels
  • if you want to know how and where to advertise your services
  • if you want to find out what are the ways of buying advertising space
  • what statistics to pay attention to during analysis
    and optimization!

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